Saturday, April 30, 2005


No, really.


Saturday, April 23, 2005


So Natalie Portman, Senator of Naboo, is sitting in the lifeless waiting room of a New Jersey clinic and listening to something or other on headphones so big they just about envelop her entire body. Meanwhile, Zach Braff (the cheeky but loveable guy from Scrubs who in this particular movie plays a cheeky but conflicted version of the guy from Scrubs) strolls in, grabs a form from reception, takes his seat and starts completing his details with extreme surgical focus.

At this point, a dog fucks Braff’s leg.

Portman disregards this (that’s what her character does) and glides over, striking up a little small talk that will later seem bigger than either of them realise right now. He asks what in the name of God it is she’s listening to. She tells him it’s the Shins and that if he listens too they will no doubt change his life. He does and somehow they do. All across the world, tills ring to the tune of another soundtrack sold.

To find out if the Shins can solve your existential crisis, have a gander at their lovely lookin' website which contains news, pictures and the usual bumph.

Here's the link:


So Coldplay returned with new single Speed of Sound this week and it sounds like......Coldplay! And Echo and the Bunnymen. But not U2, oh no.

This is good news, although the ethereal spacey production borders lasciviously on Keane territory. The fact that it doesn't cross over (shudder that aching thought) is testament to Chris Martin's growing confidence as a songwriter and, if that's all a bit worthy, a schizo rock freak.

To download (legally, of course) this heartbreaking work of staggering genius, please click

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